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Our Team

Who We Are


Dasha Tnk


Dasha (Daria) Tnk is a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics and has been a professional in the industry for over 25 years.  From being a gymnast in a Junior Russian Olympic team to winning the Best Coach of California title in 2019, Dasha has done it all.

Since starting her career in the United States, Dasha has coached numerous professional athletes who have gone on to win many national championships in rhythmic gymnastics. Her passion for stretching and sports propelled her into a new role by becoming a trainer at the stretching studio chain “SM Stretching”. Her experience working with both professional athletes and people just starting their health and fitness journey, combined with her extensive professional background, has helped Dasha design her own unique program to guarantee exceptional results through stretching.

Since the establishment of Stretching First in 2020, Dasha is proud of her hundreds of students, many of whom have already achieved their goal of doing splits. With a holistic approach accompanied by rhythmic gymnastics elements, Dasha can help you achieve your goals regardless of your body shape, age, or athletic background.

Yulia Fox


Since childhood, Yulia has been limitlessly passionate and energetic about various sports and exercises. She is always on the go and loves it. Upon moving to the US in 2007, Yulia realized her passion lies in motivating and training people to achieve their fitness goals. She began working as a professional trainer in 2010 and has been putting her heart and soul into her training sessions ever since. Yulia has worked with many fitness professionals, including having studied movement culture with IDOPortal society. Her experience as a fitness and flexibility professional, and a certified nutritionist, has given her the skills and knowledge to customize programs and classes to help her clients achieve their health and fitness goals. In her classes, you can expect interval training, focus on the glutes and abs, stretching, posture exercises, and more in her group or personal training sessions.


Marina Kiseleva

Stretching Instructor

Marina Kiseleva is a former professional rhythmic gymnast, a pole dancer, and a stretching instructor with 6 years of experience training adults. Since her days as a performer with PoleShow LA, the biggest Pole Event in the US (2014 to 2019), she has had a passion for working with energetic, inspired groups of people. Marina won 1st place in Pole Doubles, SouthWest PoleSportOrg Championship in 2015, and 2nd place in Group Category, Exotic Generation USA in 2019.

As stretching is a big part of pole dancing, Marina acquired extensive knowledge of stretching techniques from rhythmic gymnastics, contortion, Pilates, ballet, and yoga, which not only improved her flexibility, but the flexibility of all of her students. She has honed and combined these techniques for safe and effective programs, which will have you coming back for more.

Anna Malceva

Stretching Instructor

Anna is a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. She was in the professional industry for 15 years and after finishing her career Anna became a coach in rhythmic gymnastics and stretching coach. Her experience in both spheres helped her to become a good quality coach with a great amount of knowledge about stretching. If you have a beautiful and correct split on your “wish board”, Anna will definitely help you to achieve that goal. 


Sofia Hnatchuk

Stretching Instructor

Sofia has been a certified and active group fitness instructor of various modalities since 2013, including Stretching, women’s yoga, and gym programs. Before becoming a trainer, Sofia professionally trained and competed in sports such as choreography, gymnastics, and athletics. She is looking forward to using her skills and knowledge in all her upcoming group classes!



Stretching and Pilates Instructor

Anastasia started gymnastics at age 4 and is a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. She started her training career in 2011 as a Mat Pilates instructor in Russia, and later became certified here in the US through Equinox. She looks forward to seeing the progress her students will achieve in her classes!


Coming from Kiev, Vika is a professional dancer with 8 years of experience, and has been a dance coach for 4 years. She is well-versed in multiple dance styles including twerk, hip-hop, jazz-funk, vogue, high-heels, and strip-plastic. She has taught at some of the best dance studios in Kiev, participated in group and solo dance contests, and dance-focused TV programs, and took part in contests in which she earned a place at the podium. Vika also enjoys participating in music videos, working with other artists on stage, and participating in TV dance programs

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