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Our Classes

Stretching Beginner

The ideal class for those with no prior stretching/flexibility training or experiences. Here, we aim to help you establish a base and develop your flexibility and mobility, as well as work on the mobility of your joints. This beginner’s class is perfect for those that don’t have prior experience in yoga, Pilates or stretching. 


Stretching Intermediate

This class is ideal for those whose muscles and joints are accustomed to deep stretching. This class uses a mix of active and passive stretches to simultaneously strengthen and lengthen the muscles and joints. For this level, you should be able to lift up into the bridge position and almost be able to lower into the splits.  


Stretching Advanced

This is a professional-level stretching class. If you already have your splits and can raise your leg in the bridge position, this is the class for you! In this class, we work on oversplits, side balances, chest stands, walkovers, and various other skills. 


Women's Yoga

This yoga class focuses on exercises to strengthen and stretch the pelvic floor muscles and provide mental relaxation.

This class is also great for those who are preparing for conception or have recently given birth.  The yoga flow helps maintain health, mobility, and energy levels. An excellent way to discover and tune into your unique feminine energy!


Calorie burn class

Our Calorie Burn class consists of highly effective sets of exercises to improve metabolism and stimulate fat burning. Every workout is different, so you can train your body in various modalities without getting bored. Props used can include weights, sliders, or various other equipment.

Choose a class that fits you best!

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